Anycase is the brand “womenswear” which express the authenticity
and womanliness of a sophisticated woman, gusty and lover of her ownstyle.
We are wholesale women's clothing

Knowledge and experience in fashion field come since 2000
when the main task of the factory was the knitwear field.
Some years later factory decides to expand its own product market
field with the target to identify and reproduce our women in a “Any case” total look.

From that year, this brand was created in that crucial point of Italian Fast Fashion;
Macrolotto in Prato.

Anycase is the brand that distinguishes itself for incessant research of materialism,
textile and solutions able to improve always the quality of finished product,
mixing the last trends with a unique and recognizable style.

Wholesale women's clothing, Discover with us your look!


Refined, resolute and free-standing,the Anycase woman
has a sensorial “multiple approach” to life, she shows herself “in many ways”.

She is aware of how she appears and this type of awareness is reflected in her “fashion world”.

She belongs to a reality with a never-ending evolution, characterized
with a glamour touch, she is like a chameleon and unique with
a highlighted womanliness.

Anycase wholesale women's clothing, makes use of warranty of quality, with creation and Italian style,
combining with the Fast Fashion model.

Anycase always support the “eco-friendly” fashion line in the research of quality,
throught its method of continuous recycling of the scraps of production of cotton.


In an open case of more than 2000mq, furnished with the typical style
of the brand, you can touch with your hand and knowing
the new trend of a new fashion reality, that you will found in our seller shops.

We have created a definite area where you can found passion
that we have for realizing our Anycase products.

Showroom is in:
Via Friuli Venezia Giulia, 14 | 59100 Prato (PO) | Macrolotto Area