The Prato fast fashion Line dedicated to sustainable textile research

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July 9, 2019
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The Prato fast fashion Line dedicated to sustainable textile research

Abbigliamento ecosostenibile vendita all'ingrosso di pronto moda donna

Our female clothing wholesale company has decided to dedicate itself to the research and production of sustainable clothing, to respect our planet. One of the main textiles that is used in our fast fashion is linen.


Our brands of female fast fashion is taking in consideration research on sustainable textile to protect our environment from pollution and in full respect of working conditions.

Infact linen is a vegetable fibre it doesn’t require pesticides and needs little water.For this reason clothing with natural fibres have been created: linen is a 100% biodegradable and recyclable, resistant to wear, hypoallergenic and at the sametime comfortable and fresh.

Linen is antibacterial too and doesn’t irritate the skin.Furthermore it’s anti static, anti stress and resistant to UV rays.


Linen and its eco-sustainable properties.


Linen is a fiber obtained from a part of the stem of the plant, its fibers are much more resistant and stronger than other textile fibers.An example of shorts and a buttoned dress made exclusively with eco friendly material.
abbigliamento donna ecosostenibile lino e tessuti ingrosso moda donna anycase
The 5 reasons to wear linen::
  • It allows and elegant but also sporty look
  • It’s comfortable
  • It’s an interseasonal fibre that can be used from March to October
  • It’s instantly recognizable
  • linen is a refined alternative to cotton just like cashmere to wool
The model has been realized slightly over shape to assure comfort and freshness by wearing this type of tissue, it allows a greater airflow on the body and captures the humidity. The dress is also characterized by the shape of sleeves that lets the body be aired, thanks to the molecular structure of this natural tissue there will be no risk of feeling sticky as the water evaporates very quickly, so It will feel likes wearing a sort of cooling system.
Checkout our online fast fashion wholesale website, you’ll find a dedicated page reserved for linen items.

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