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Clothing in Satin, Elegant and Sinuous
March 11, 2020
Pullover | Tendenza del momento,disponibile nel nostro pronto moda donna.
October 23, 2020
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Homely clothing of must-have fashion?

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Now more than ever we are appreciating the confortable side of items of clothing and fashion accessories that should never miss!

Obliged to spend at home a lot of time, at least much more than usual, we have stepped into a comfortable but chic fashion. It is not just fashion, but a real life-style that belongs to all us women, and that we have just managed to rediscover.


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We have the opportunity to rediscover many fleece items, just like the sweatpans, that have become part of the wardrobe of us all.
I don’t know about you, but I have never loved so much a basic short or a simple T-Shirt! The best thing is to catch the right matching to get an always fresh, comfortable but never banal style.
Being able to be comfortable and pretty at the same time, leading fashion among our friends even long-distance!
It happens to us all to create the right outfit just to train at home, or maybe have a video-call with friends.
From my point of view, the ‘’fondamental’’ items to enjoy this period with the right style are three!

At the top, there are the T-Shirts, that are confrimed to be the most appreciated and used items of clothing all along the year and in any look. Gritty and funny are those T-Shirts with colourful prints and writings, chic and refined the basic ones that can match any outfit.

The sweatpans are no exception, they are more and more chosen when we want to be up-to-date and fashionable, the long and maybe high-waisted ones as well as the fresh and jaunty shorts.. It is no more that item of clothing that used to be considered as suitable just for a homely and careless style, not so feminine and used just to pratice sport.

Now, during the last year, they have been re-evaluated and have become a real must-have! To match, why not, to a sweatshirt or any other item of clothing necessary to be beautiful and comfortable!

Very appreciated are the sweatshirts with a large hood and short, but also the great over version maybe with a frontal zipper opening, put on to complete an outfit made of a top or a basic T-Shirt and shorts!

Being comfortable is not the only feature that characterizes and would then belong to our … homely wardrobe!

Why? That’s easy: we should and could feel stylish and beautiful wearing our favourite clothes, for a virtual drink or a business or pleasure video-call.

Girls…we have to reinven ourselves!

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