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July 2, 2019
tartan ingrosso abbigliamento donna
Must of Tartan women’s wholesale fall winter 2019-20
October 28, 2019
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Glitter clothes wholesale women’s clothing

abiti con paillettes ingrosso abbigliamento donna

Rivendi alle tue clienti la moda più cool! Gli abiti con paillettes ingrosso abbigliamento donna a Prato ti aspettano.

Re-sell the coolest hip clothes to your customers! The glitter wholesale women’s clothing clothes are waiting for you.


Our ready-to-wear women’s fashion follows a main trend to be found in both our autumn-winter and our summer-spring collections. We are talking about glitter clothes wholesale women’s cothing, a particular style aimed at ‘’lighting’’ and offering a better and glossier version of ourselves..


abiti con paillettes ingrosso abbigliamento donna

The ‘’glittering’’ effect has recently become a real fashion trend, in fact in our ready-to-wear stock there are some glitter dresses always to be found within our collections. Nowadays even very common articles have glitter details. There is always something very fascinating withn a little twinkle that captures light.

Women like wearing glitter clothes or accessories when they want to enhance their image, when they want to feel and sparkle just like a star.

Luster has flooded wardrobes of women of all ages with clothes, hairdress, shoes or even make-up.

According to some fashion experts, wearing light and glitter clothes somehow represents the opportunity to communicate hope, joy and optimism towards the world around us and all the other people.

Sign in free and discover our new glitter collection wholesale women’s clothing!


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